Below are some case studies, detailing the symptoms and benefits experienced by some of my clients:



Jane is a regular client of mine who has various problems.  I was delighted to receive this testemonial which Jane posted on facebook:-

I would just like to thank Sheila Bryant Bowen Practitioner for getting me right yet again, I was very lame & sore yesterday, but today am so much better & know tomorrow i will be even more so. I am so lucky Bowen works for both me & my horses. Give it a try you may, like me be one of the lucky ones. Sheila is most definitely 5 star. Thank you


Female 52 yrs: Presented with pain at the base of skull which had radiated into throat and right ear. Made movement of neck in any direction very uncomfortable. Happened after swimming 30 lengths in swimming baths.

This case was a very interesting study of how Bowen can help with acute conditions.

Towards the end of the treatment, the neck was seen to go into a tremor pattern down both sides. This continued after the treatment for about five minutes. After the tremor had ceased all pain was gone and normal movement returned to the neck. No further treatment was necessary.



Female 55yrs: This lady had been suffering neurological pain in neck and head, the pain was severe, affected her sleep patterns, and made her feel dizzy and uncoordinated. She had recently got over a flue like virus and had been quiet unwell. At the time of treatment she had been off work for a month. The doctor had booked her for an MRI scan as they were unable to diagnose the problem

She received three treatments at weekly intervals, with improvement each time. After the three treatments she was able to return to work. She treated herself to two further treatments later on as the treatments had made her feel so much better. She had no need for the MRI scan.



Male 38 yrs: This man was a competing show jump rider who had developed lower back pain. This affected his riding and pain was radiating down both legs. He had been suffering this condition, gradually worsening for some six months.

One treatment was sufficient to correct the problem.


Female 25yrs: This young lady suffered intestinal pain, diarrhea and bloating. She was not able to eat many foods that did not affect her in this manner. Incredibly, she had suffered this condition for a year and had not seen a Doctor.

She was advised to make an appointment with her GP but was then treated with Bowen.

After the first treatment she had no diarrhea during the week before coming for the second treatment. She had actually tested it by eating foods that would normally have brought on an attack. After the second treatment, she became slightly constipated.

She received one further treatment. The problem was eradicated and has not returned.



Male 24yrs: This young man was a rugby player. He suffered lower back pain. Had fallen down stairs two years ago and had suffered pain since. Pain radiated from lower lumber down both legs but was worse left and was felt in left hip.

After the first treatment, he was stiff for two days and felt very sore. Nevertheless, he still played rugby that week! The pain had moved from left hip to right.

After the second treatment there was a great improvement, he had been virtually pain free. He continues to have maintenance treatments to keep the problem at bay.


Male 55yrs: This gentleman had been suffering neck pain for some three years. He had pins and needles in left elbow and hand. An MRI scan had shown some narrowing of gaps between cervical (neck) vertibrea. Lifting his arms higher than shoulder level was extremely painful. He had dislocated his left shoulder 25yrs ago.

After the first treatment, he had various reactions with pain moving around his body and felt very tired. After the second treatment there was general improvement. This condition took five treatments with gradual improvement to make the condition hardly noticeable. The condition has maintained its improvement without the need for further work.



Female 22yr: This young lady was a student training in the equestrian field. She had experienced lower back pain for a number of years. There was also numbness in the right calf and pain under the right scapula (shoulder blade).

There was a feeling of fear and uncertainty in this lady about receiving the treatment but a number of her friends had benefited and she wanted to try. She was very tense and sensitive. The treatment was carried out very slowly and gently.

After the first treatment the response triggered a feeling of extreme depression. Moods swings happened during the whole week. Pain had moved to knees.

It is worth mentioning here that Bowen works on all levels and can affect an emotional release.

After the second treatment there were still moods swings and some of them were very black. She then became very giggly and felt light hearted. The pain was gradually reducing.  After the third treatment she reported feeling very good. Positive and happy and the pain was almost completely gone. She did not need further treatment.

Amy Gibson (M.E.)

I had ME as a child and then suffered a fall on the ice rink when I was about 20. I suffered for years with my back and hips going back and forth seeing my GP, treatments with the NHS and paying for every holistic therapy going, until a friend at work had mentioned seeing Sheila for Bowen. She and her horses had regular treatments when needed with Sheila and said it was the only thing that worked. I saw Sheila and after 3 treatments I was fully out of pain and fully functioning again for the first time in about 4 years. Since then I will only have Bowen and only with Sheila as the benefits for me have be fabulous. I only see Sheila now when necessary usually once or twice every 12-18 months.

Completely recommend Bowen with Sheila. Thanks you Sheila for all your work X

Jo Greenaway 

I love Bowen and Sheila is a true professional. I refuse to go anywhere else for myself or for my horses.
I have been having treatments with Sheila for 11 years now and have known her for a lot longer. She is so knowledgeable about anatomy that no matter how broken I am she can fix me.
I always call in Sheila when I have a horse that feels tight or crooked, she works miracles with them, recently treating a mare who was “collicing” on a daily basis and after a treatment all symptoms have stopped, turns out it was pain related behaviour from a sore shoulder/neck rather than colic.
I recommend HealthwithBowen on a regular basis.

Sharon Crabbe 

Very happy to recommend HealthwithBowen, Sheila treated my young horse “Ribbons” earlier this year, following a rather negative prognosis from the vet and with her help and advice, my mare is now flourishing. Sheila visits the yard regularly, both for horse and human clients and we all look forward to the visits.

Sheila first treated my horse in 2012 and was key in helping us overcome a long term issue. I have called upon her help on a number of occasions since; her professional approach, knowledge and genuine interest make her stand out and a pleasure to deal with. I would happily recommend HealthwithBowen to other people and horse owners.

Lucy Huntly (Lupus)

I have Lupus (an autoimmune disease that can attack anywhere in the body and causes joint pain and fatigue), fibromyalgia, and also suffer from migraines, and knee instability (amongst other things). I have seen Physio’s, Chiropractors, Neurologists, Rheumatologist and numerous other specialists but Sheila has made more of a difference than any of them. Bowen works with the body not against it which is partly what appealed to me about it. Sheila is like the ‘horse whisperer. She ‘reads’ the body which is probably why she’s so good with horses too. I’ve tried other treatments that have tried to battle my body into submission and I’ve been in agony and unable to do anything for weeks. Or other Bowen Therapists that are so gentle you feel like nothing is changing. Sheila just seems to get the balance right and really does have magic hands. I have less headaches and joint pain than I have had for years and much improved neck movement. I cannot recommend her more highly

Sarah Turl

I can’t thank Sheila enough, I am pain free for longer than I care to remember, now getting back in the saddle which I haven’t been able to do.  I love Bowen Therapy

Grace Gillies

Just to say a big thank you for treating Kit today.  After two disastrous dressage tests in the previous weeks, a massive improvement after your treatment today.  She did an amazing test and qualified for the Pony Club Championships, winning her arena, thank you so much