Equine Testimonials

Below is a collection of testimonials provided by some of my equine owner clients:


Jane Holderness-Roddam with Cullian Hills and Georgio Nardilli



Sheila Bryant’s Bowen Therapy has kept our horses and humans fit and active for several years now.  I know how well it works for me and 19 years old Cullian Hills is going better than ever for Giorgio Nardilli.  Others who have benefited are Mount of Olives, Rhythm N Blues, our up and coming youngster and numerous others.  Many thanks Sheila



Mount of Olive                                                                  

Georgio Ike 2   Cullian Hills                                                                                                                                                                        

Georgia Ike 3

                         Pan                                                                                                 Rythm N Blues
Georgio Pan

Rythm N Blues



Karen Scott Barrett and her wonderful driving horses

Karen Scott Barrett driving Don Diego and Replay
Karen Scott Barrett driving Don Diego and Replay
Karen driving Dorlando and Replay
Karen driving Dorlando and Replay

Thank you so much Sheila, the boys went the best they have ever gone at their training day on Saturday and you have really helped to unlock the last of Roo’s isometric hold pattern: he is now fully releasing his head and neck down and forward which is wonderful!






Hayley Godwin and Ben

I think you have worked wonders on Ben, I did a test yesterday and he was definitely more relaxed.  I just wanted to do a nice test with no head shaking or anticipating and succeeded so thank you very much for making my horse happier and enjoyable again.  I am just so happy Ben is rideable again, thanks to you and Bowen.


Dr Jekyll with Tracy Koncher

JJ had a few issues when I first got him and Sheila’s Bowen Therapy has helped him tremendously.  He is a sensitive horse and picks up on any small imbalances which affect his performance.  I find that regular maintenance Bowen sessions help him tremendously, finding any little issues before they turn into a problem.  Sheila also treats me which makes me more able to ride in unity with my horse.

JJ is pictured here working happily at home with his beloved Tracy ( she says the feeling is mutual)


Mat on Uthopia at the 2006 Clearwater FEI five year old championships (Photograph courtesy of Kevin Sparrow).


UTHOPIA –  as a 5yr old with Mat Frost winning the Shearwater Champs

I was amazed that Sheila’s findings were so similar to the the feelings I was having when riding the horse. During the treatment the horse became relaxed as though he was wanting her to help. Just a few days later I noticed he was moving more through his whole body into a real stable elastic contact.



Jonty on his Irish Team horse, Cregwarrior.
Jonty on his Irish Team horse, Cregwarrior.


Sheila has treated several of our horses using the Bowen technique. I have a simple theory – if it works, do it. I can assure you that what Sheila does with various different horses really does work – so do it! We have had an overwhelming response from the horses, whatever their type or level.



WINNIE – Olivia Andrews-Nichols

Olivia took over the ride on Winnie 2 seasons ago and it soon become very clear that although the mare was very capable in both the dressage and XC phases, there were issues with the show jumping and we were always reliant on producing a 5star dressage test that might allow us to have a fence down and still be placed. On the left rein,unless she was spot on, she had the ability to slam the brakes on and so you felt obliged to attack all fences on the left rein leading to poles falling here and there. No amount of schooling sessions could find the key. It was just as if she lacked the confidence to get her shoulders out of the way unless everything was perfect. Hence the panic phone call to Sheila as we had qualified for BE Grassroots Regional Final and could not afford a fence down. Winnie thoroughly enjoyed her treatment and despite one rail down on our next outing she showed no signs of stopping. On we went to Broadway for the Reg Final and she jumped clear ! Hooray! and has qualified for the Grassroots Final at Badminton 2013. Sheila will be in tow for the entire event.

EMERALD DUKEY - Joanna Harris



EMERALD DUKEY – Joanna Harris   Intermediate Event Horse. 15.1 hh Dukey is a very athletic, jolly little horse who tries hard to deal with his natural tendency to become tense. I have found that Bowen helps him to relax and deals with any muscular tension that may occur during the strict training regime necessary for an event horse. Sheila also treats me to help me to ride in as balanced and supple a manner as possible.  I use Sheila to treat all my horses.




CHACELEY PIPPA – Jenny Farley   Pippa has been competing very successfully in hand with us for three years, handled competently by Callum, who is 11yrs old. A very sudden, unexplained lameness developed and conventional treatment failed to diagnose or improve the condition. Pippa had benefited from Bowen previously, so Sheila was called in. After only one session, Pippa was able to compete in an important show that we had thought she would have to miss. She won the class. Tremendous thanks to Sheila and Bowen.


TOLEDO - Trudi Robinson



TOLEDO – Trudi Robinson Advanced Dressage horse. I started using Bowen for Toledo after a hard competitive season when, Toledo’s muscles felt tired. I found it so effective and non instrusive that Toledo is now on a maintenance programme so that he is less likely to develops any strain. Toledo enjoys the time he spends with Sheila, he sees it as a treat, not a treatment.







PENTATHLON TEAM TRAINING HORSES – Mouse Berry PENTATHLON TEAM TRAINING HORSES - Mouse Berry We have used Sheila to treat our horses since westarted training the British Pentathletes and the benefits are fantastic. Our horses have to jump very regularly with a variety of riders. They are all much more supple and balanced. Bowen has such a dramatic effect on all recipients. The athletes also receive regular treatments. Thank you Sheila for helping the ‘gang’.





PASTORAL PERSUITS – Karen Scott-Barrett                  3yr old colt, winner of the Darley cup, Newmarket, 2005 I am sure that the regular maintenance treatments that Sheila carried out on Pastie, enabled him to give of his best during his racing career. PASTORAL PERSUITS Pastie became very relaxed and calm during the treatmentsand seemed to enjoy them very much.

Sheila has also been most helpful in treating myself and my son Alec.